Microsoft starts a series of 10 articles and videos with reasons to switch to Windows 10

10 days are left to launch and Microsoft has begun, among its different promotional works, with the publication of a series of web articles and videos in which it is explained the most important reasons to switch to Windows 10.

With this, until July 29, it gives the official launch in 190 passes and in 111 languages, posts and video guides will be shared daily for those who still do not know if it will be worth going to the new Microsoft operating system that for great Part of users can be obtained for free on their devices just by having a legal copy of Windows 7/8 / 8.1.

The first post is about System Familiarity:

As seen in the first video, already available on the Windows channel on YouTube, and as can be read in the respective article on the official Windows blog where the remaining 9 web articles will continue to appear, the familiarity of Windows 10 is guaranteed, although Windows 8 application tiles are re-included, the Start menu is present again as with Windows 7.

Thus, the best of both systems has been taken and combined to enrich the experience of the 1.5 billion users who are estimated to be aiming for the update, and all without having to affect their usual work, since for many people it is still more intuitive. a menu that a new parallel interface that complicates even turning off the equipment.

The videos are in English just like the articles, but it is very likely that they will appear in Spanish soon, at which time we will update this article to point them out. Sure, to find out more about the features of Windows 10 without waiting, you can visit this page from its official website.