Microsoft updates OneDrive to be more useful in teamwork

Onedrive's blog they announce some news that can help a lot the groups that work with their documents.

On the one hand, they have added the possibility of including shared directories in our OneDrive, so they can be synchronized with our computer in the same way as it is done with our own documents. This function appears with a link called Add to my OneDrive

In this way, several people can work on the same document from their PC (using Office, of course), and this is where the usefulness of the second novelty comes: they warn when someone has started to edit a document, and you can receive the notification both in mobile apps and on Apple Watch.

An email will also be sent with a summary of all the alterations that our documents have received, thus allowing us to have more control over our work.

The third of the updates is related to the search engine, since we will be able to find both office documents and PDFs using words that are within them, a search that can be carried out in own documents and in shared documents.

Microsoft has to run to catch up with Google's Office platform, but it seems that the steps they are taking are well targeted. Unfortunately LibreOffice users are still abandoned in the world of collaborative work … but hey, time to time.