Microsoft will launch Cortana for Android "in the coming weeks"

At the end of last May, we already informed you that Microsoft had confirmed that it would launch its personal assistant for Android and iOS platforms. In this way, Cortana will become a multiplatform personal assistant, being available for both desktop and mobile devices under Windows as well as mobile devices under Android and iOS. This move would allow him to go further than the two rival personal assistants: Google Now by Google and Siri by Apple.

In the last few hours, the .APK of the Cortana application for Android has been leaked, which is already circulating on the Internet so that users can download and install them on their Android mobile devices. Now, it should be noted that this is the Cortana beta for Android, and that at the moment, in addition to possible errors, it works only in English. Given the aforementioned leak, a Microsoft spokesman has made a statement to the ZDNet publication stating the following:

In the spirit of the Windows Insider Program, we are testing the Cortana beta for Android with a limited number of users in the US. and China before launching the public beta version in the coming weeks.

This official comment already makes it clear that Cortana for Android will come to Google's mobile platform very soon, to which must be added the observations that some of those who have already tried the beta, pointing out that it has all the features expected of It, although at this point we already indicated that Cortana for other operating systems will not come with all the features to count on under Windows, more than anything, because under Windows it will have a deeper integration.

So at the end of this month or perhaps early next month, no exact date is known, Cortana will land on the Android platform to compete on it with other available attendees, starting with Google Now.