Miimr - new space for online conversation on topics of interest

Miimr – new space for online conversation on topics of interest

If you like to have conversations about the topics that most catch your attention with other users through the web, Miimr is a new social platform, similar in concept to Twitter, by which You can start new conversation topics and follow the topics opened by other users that are of interest to you, where in any case, you can participate in them. To do this, you can follow other users, but also, you can simply follow the conversations that interest you, so you have three timelines: the posts of the users you follow, the conversations you follow and all the updates from the users. members of the Miimr community. When you are going to start a conversation, you should simply express the topic of discussion and associate the corresponding tags with it, being able to help you with the tag suggestions that appear while you write them. In addition, it allows integration with Twitter and Facebook, so that your participation can also be shared on these networks. Without a doubt, Miimr comes to specialize in one of the uses that we usually give to Twitter, which is none other than generating conversation topics, and Miimr offers it to us in a specialized way. Goes: MoMB