Mikogo - education, learning and entrepreneurship

Mikogo – education, learning and entrepreneurship

Mikogo is becoming an indispensable tool for real-time group communication, being a free download program that works as a multiplatform, operating in both Windows and Apple environments. Among the main utilities of Mikogo we highlight the possibility of sharing desktop with up to 10 users and that of conduct online meetings or remote support. But if all these characteristics that make Mikogo a multiplatform specialized in the efficiency of the business environment do not convince you and you want to know more, let’s see what strengths and new opportunities can arise from the use of Mikogo in the educational environment. Many educators are beginning to discover the advantages of new technologies, specifically social networks, in the context of education. Mikogo is a powerful tool for fostering distance learning, which is an opening to new opportunities for students. Online learning and interaction make Mikogo an optimal solution due to its ease of use. Mikogo brings us, at this time of consolidation of the new production model based on the efficiency resulting from the balance between producers and consumers, the new virtual classroom, through which, new professionals will be able to continue their studies even when they cannot physically attend their classroom. The configuration of Mikogo to access the virtual classroom is very simple, since it has the ability to establish remote control with students, which is undoubtedly very valuable for understanding and learning the different subjects. The use of new technologies provides teachers with a tool that allows distance training. By combining criteria and eliminating borders, Mikogo allows us to work together not only with students, but also with educational organizations from anywhere in the world. But let’s analyze a little more in depth; Mikogo is a platform that allows the optimization of learning, but also encourages entrepreneurship. Through Mikogo and its real possibilities, it is possible to teach easily and efficiently, to open an edge through which online work involves constant learning. Online training and classes that at the click of a button provide students from all over the world with a system that allows them to specialize without incurring additional costs, while simultaneously teachers from all over the world find a new opportunity to integrate into the current production model. Virtual classroom is combined with virtual office concept, bringing the efficiency inherent to new technologies, towards the education and training of new professionals. One last tip, you don’t need to be a student or teacher to check the possibilities of Mikogo, free download and simple and intuitive installation complete the benefits of this new multiplatform that optimizes the circle composed of education-learning-entrepreneurship. If you already use the platform and want to share the experience, in mikogo they have opened a space for you to give a brief description of it. They can access Share your experience with Mikogo to send their information.