Milliontweetpixels - The million dollar page in Twitter version

Milliontweetpixels – The million dollar page in Twitter version

I imagine that many of you will know the famous Million Dollar Page created by Alex Tew, well imagine that same idea, slightly more refined and applied to Twitter, because that is Milliontweetpixels.

The page basically consists of a one million pixel grid, in which users who wish to can link their Twitter account (with their avatar) for the medical amount of one dollar per pixel, which means 500 dollars for the complete avatar (24 √ó 24). Although if we want to appear in a privileged place, in the center of the page with a 48 √ó 48 avatar we will have to pay the considerable sum of 2,000 dollars (not suitable for all pockets).

The idea is that if the web gains some notoriety, this can be a great way to promote our Twitter account, personal or professional and thus attract considerable traffic, in addition to the fact that the page itself also allows you to filter cells according to topic: sports, celebrities, business, technology, etc.

A nothing new idea, but one that seems to once again capture the attention of the great Twitter personalities, we will have to wait a bit to see if they can fill the entire grid.

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