Moat - search engine for display ads, and much more

Moat – search engine for display ads, and much more

There are users who while browsing websites, the ads go completely unnoticed, but there are others who do not. There are ads that perform well and ads that fail to meet their minimum goals. Ads are usually available during the duration of a campaign, and we can find ads of all kinds, of course, referring to graphic ads. Moat is a search engine that bring us, for now, those ads belonging to the brands in which we are looking. In this way, when introducing a specific brand, we offer those graphic ads belonging to it, obtaining for each ad its size or its last viewing date. In this sense, this search engine for graphic ads can be used both for people who are involved in the world of advertising and the curious, not forgetting those creatives who seek to get inspiration to create their graphic ads. But here the thing will not end, since later, Moat will offer a number of extra functions, such as heat maps, where advertisers can analyze the behavior that visitors make of their ads through heat maps, where they can see which areas of these ads are most clicked, being able to draw their own conclusions about the effectiveness of them. Of course, Moat is a search engine that indexes ads obtained from the web, although it also allows you to receive suggestions from agencies and advertisers so that they take them into account when continuing to search for new ads to show. Goes