Mobile 2.0 Europe - Barcelona meet AngryBirds, Viber, SoundCloud and more

Mobile 2.0 Europe – Barcelona meet AngryBirds, Viber, SoundCloud and more

We are just weeks away from the mobile community reaching Barcelona to talk and discuss about the mobility industry. With so much movement and above all with many investments in this space, as well as large investments by companies that want to establish a competitive platform against Apple and Android. The event is called Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS which will be from June 16 to 17The space will get more and more interesting and give opportunity to developers to be the center of attention throughout this year. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about who will be the big winner after the different platforms are arranged and consolidated. As well as how to monetize either in a walled garden of Apple and BlackBerry or an open platform like Android and Meego.

Discuss mobility and entertainment.

There will be an interesting talk about education and how technology began to take shape in different entertainment companies, with speakers such as Peter vesterbacka of Rovio Mobile, with its great success of angry Birds. Share us your perspective on the world of entertainment. It is a clear example of how now through a mobile game you can create a brand, because it is clear that everyone knows The Mighty Eagle and how it flies all over the screen… helping you pass the levels. As well as now his stuffed animals that are sold like hot cakes. Another interesting speaker will be Marco Talmon Viber, which is an application to make calls via VOIP for free, in its first week of going public, it obtained nearly 3 million downloads. Which we are now seeing make or break any mobile project. We hope to hear how you have generated this virality and especially how you plan to monetize your service.

Launch of the Intel AppUp platform in Spanish

On June 17 there will be two sessions that will be the official launch of the Intel AppUp Program, a workshop is being organized for developers to better understand the platform MeeGo and above all what Intel is offering to monetize for mobile applications.

Free passes to Mobile 2.0 Europe courtesy of AppCircus.

We have 2 passes courtesy of AppCircus for WWWhatsnew readers, you just have to leave us your comment to tell us why you should be at the conference and post it on Twitter as follows:

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Just clarify that the pass does not include accommodation, as well as transport to Barcelona. We will be covering the event and would love to meet our blog readers in person. See you around the Mediterranean this summer.