Mobile Boilerplate - Templates for designing mobile websites

Mobile Boilerplate – Templates for designing mobile websites

Today we will analyze a new resource that may interest you if you are a website developer for mobile phones. Mobile Boilerplate is a template or template that encompasses the most commonly used techniques or best practices in HTML5 and CSS3 for creating websites for mobiles. The developers of this template were based on HTML5 Boilerplate which is another HTML5 / CSS3 / JS template for creating conventional websites. It is not a framework but it can work with many of them such as JQuery Mobile, Sencha, Touch and more. Created by programmers Shi Chuan, Paul Irish, and Divya Manian. It should be noted that this group of programmers also created the HTML5 Boilerplate template. Mobile Boilerplate supports the most popular mobile platforms on the market such as Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone. By using this template we will get many benefits. We will be able to create websites using HTML5 and CSS3 for mobile devices in a few minutes. The pages will have good aesthetics as well as a good performance, always applying the good practices that the community of programmers contributes. Link: | Goes webresourcesdepot