Mini impresora robtica

Mobile mini robotic printer could revolutionize mobile office

Thanks to the current mobile devices, workers will no longer need to spend long hours sitting in their offices to carry out their tasks, since through laptops, smart phones and tablets, they will be able to carry out these tasks wherever they are in each moment. But there is still the stumbling block of printing the documents that need to be printed, something that could change if the mobile mini robotic printer project goes ahead on Kickstarter, for which the creators have set a goal of raising the amount of 400,000 dollars, which will mean the revolution of the mobile office (mainly in architectural firms that have to print huge plans using hugely expensive printers).

The mini robotic mobile printer is a device that could be carried even in your pocket and that would print documents on any standard medium size paper simply sliding on them. The idea is that today’s printing machines are essentially print heads that move from left to right on a moving paper, so that in the mobile age we live in, it would make sense to stick with just the print heads and Include small sets of wheels that allow them to move on a sheet of paper. In this way, the printer will be as small as possible.

There are still some aspects to consider, such as reliability and precision to be a device available in the field of mobile office. Users who want to support the project will be able to make a donation of around $ 180, but they will have to be patient enough, as the units are not expected to be delivered until early 2015 at the earliest.

This small printer will have a USB connector for charging the battery, which will last more than an hour for a full charge, and its ink cartridge will last for about 1,000 pages. The quality of the prototype would be 96 × 192 dpi although the final device will have a higher resolution.

The first version will print in grayscale, and will connect to devices wirelessly, supporting Android, iOS, Linux, OSX and Windows systems.

We leave you with the video that they published a few minutes ago in micro-servants: