Mobilizer, to create mobile websites in minutes visually

In the mobile connectivity stage in which we live, it is useful to know tools that allow us to create our mobile websites for our businesses, organizations, institutions or any other reason for which we want to have mobile websites.

In this sense, is an interesting option to consider, since in a matter of minutes we can have our mobile websites available, where we will only have been adding pages and incorporating different elements (widgets) of all kinds visually. in these pages, being able to configure and personalize each element to adapt it to our needs. Interestingly, we can also add e-commerce functions with included payment gateways, for cases in which we want to create our mobile e-commerce stores, and specific actions of mobile devices, which we will not find on the usual desktop websites, as a possibility to make phone calls, location detection through devices or functions compatible with NFC chips, among other possibilities.

In the end, our mobile websites can be kept hosted on the same platform or included within our own web servers. We also have the possibility to download them so that, using frameworks such as Cordova, PhoneGap, Intel XKD or Ionic CLI, we can convert them into native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Regarding cost, the creation of a user account for a single mobile website, understanding it as a mobile application for the web, will be free, although if we want to create more mobile websites, we must choose the payment plan of only 12 annual dollars, where we will not have limits in the creation of mobile websites. If we want to know more about the operation of this platform, we can only review this video that they have published on their website.