Mobitest - check your mobile website to see if it is well optimized

Mobitest – check your mobile website to see if it is well optimized

Smartphones and tablets have come to stay, companies and institutions are already taking into account the need to have a version adapted to these devices, and of course, these websites must have good performance so as not to piss off users by their slowness or see that a lot of data is consumed while loading them. And just as there are various tools that analyze common websites, showing their speed, the loading of different elements, errors in their codes, etc., other similar tools are also appearing, but for mobile websites. Mobitest is a solution for check the performance of our mobile website. To do this, all we basically have to do is indicate the URL, select the device type from a list to emulate its performance, performing the tests from Canada, Ottawa, Amsterdam or Washington DC, depending on the device chosen, and indicate the number of charges . You can choose to receive the report in private so that it does not appear in the list of analyzed websites, where we will have access to each of the reports referring to those pages. At the end of the test we will be given a series of results, such as the loading time or the weight of our website, among others, within the simple report that we will receive, and that any user can interpret without further complications.