Momentshot, mobile social question and answer challenge app

Momentshot is a new and interesting mobile social application that allows users to interact with their contacts and with other users in the community based on challenges of questions and answers on any topic based on the mobile photographic captures they take on those moments. on which to challenge the rest.

With this, they will be able to show all their creativity and challenge family, friends and other users of the community, capturing the moments, establishing the questions for them and offering four possible options to choose from, one of them being the real one, which they should indicate to the application to award the necessary points to those other users who hit them.

Users will be able to choose whether they want their posts to reach the rest of the user community or directly only to their acquaintances, having the additional possibility of sharing their posts in Momentshot on other social networks and applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, among other. With this, help them to receive more participation, which is what it is about.

Momentshot is freely available for Android phones from version 4.0 onwards through Google Play, recently reaching version 1.0, although at the moment it is not a known social application, as can be seen in the number of opinions and ratings received in the application profile on Google Play itself.