MOOC2Degree – 40 public universities offering free online courses with redeemable credits

And if a couple of days ago we were talking about the early start of World Education University (WEU), a free and online university career platform that promises to be a revolution, who today join online university-level teaching to the point of pretending be alternatives to the physical ones, they are public universities in the USA.

40 public universities such as those in Florida, Arizona, Arkansas and Cincinatti, associated with Academic Partnerships, a company dedicated to creating virtual environments for the education sector, have established agreements to bring several of the online courses they normally offer online. their campuses. Of course, it is noteworthy that they will be free, free for everyone and, last but not least, will be valid for valid academic credits for admissions to such universities.

The project has been titled MOOC2Degree hinting at MOOCs as part of the process to get a college degree. The idea is simple: offer the first courses of each degree for free (with the same content and teachers), especially graduate degrees, to encourage the student to exceed and obtain the credits offered that they can then make effective when they want to enroll in such universities. I dare to infer that in the not so long term, since such credits are the result of high-quality courses, they could also be used for homologations in academic programs of other institutions in the world, even more if other prestigious universities join the initiative.

In short, MOOC2Degree expects to be fully operational from the second quarter of this year. To stay informed with the latest news, just visit the project page and subscribe through the Learn More button next to the university that offers the program of interest (there is Medicine, Finance, Administration, Business, Engineering, Education and more). It is not superfluous to also review his promotional video where the governors of the states involved talk about the project.

Link: Mooc2Degree | List of academic programs | Go: The New York Times