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More news in Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations on Android

A new bunch of features is present in the most recent versions of Android applications from Documents (Docs), Spreadsheets (Sheets) and Presentations (Slides) of Google. Quick titles, better compatibility with Office documents and more complete template editing are the protagonists this time.

To begin with, the right side menu of the apps has been added, which is displayed by tapping on the icon with the three dots located in the upper right, a text space to immediately change the document title, sheet calculation or presentation in current edition.

For its part, the application Presentations allow you to change the layout or layout from any existing slide also quickly. What is striking is that this feature had not been implemented in mobile phones, so now the most complete editing of templates will be facilitated even from such small screens.

Finally, for those who use the Microsoft Office document compatibility mode that Google's apps recently improved, it is announced that they can now, from the app Documents, respond to the imported comments when working in this mode, in addition, together with the suggestions, they will be displayed within the Comments in the order in which they were included.

As usual, it is enough to visit the Play Store to force the update to these versions or wait for it to arrive automatically.

More information: Official blog Google Apps Updates