More solutions to improve our productivity

More solutions to improve our productivity

Increasing the list that we published a few months ago: Some tools for programmers and web designers (and the almost 3000 entries in the productivity category), we leave you here a series of applications that can help you be more productive in any type of task.


Ideal for recording ideas, lists and tasks from anywhere, being very easy to use and completely free, with a version for mobile devices. It has an extensive list of applications that can work with your data.

Of the many existing options for sharing files, is one of the simplest and most practical, allowing you to have basic statistics on visits to the material sent.


With web and mobile versions, coolendar is a smart system that integrates with other calendars (Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook) to provide an excellent obligation tracking application. We can report phrases like meeting tomorrow at 5 am with so and so, Coolendar understand the data and record it correctly in our calendar.


An excellent application for those who work using Twitter to communicate with clients. Bufferapp includes functions that allow you to program the texts in a personalized way, establishing schedules that can be configured according to the day of the week, as you can see here.

Collaboration tool between groups of people. The operating philosophy of this application is to provide a workbench where participating users can, in real time, add different documents, in addition to different figures and freehand lines, as well as comments that can be turned into tasks, with the in order to be able to make decisions through said board.


To carry out multimedia work using images, videos, texts and voice, creating true documentaries that can attract a lot of attention, both in the academic and professional world.