Motorola presents its new Moto X, with 21 MP sensor

One of the best cameras in the world

With that phrase is presented the new Moto X, the best Motorola terminal that has been officially unveiled today. It is a device with a 5.7-inch high definition screen (Quad HD) that has tried to take care of its design by reducing the margins, allowing it not to appear so large (the screen occupies 76% of the body). They have also worked a lot on the charging system, and they boast of offering the highest speed already seen when charging a mobile phone (50% faster than the Galaxy S6): With 15 minutes of charging we will have 10 more hours of operation.

The new mobile comes in two flavors:

Moto X Style

The screen reaches 5.7 inches, and the density rises to 500 dpi. The processor is the same as the LG G4, a Snapdragon 808 and the battery is 3000 mAh (about 30 hours of normal use and 10 hours of more intense use).

The 21 MP camera is really surprising when it comes to numbers, but they haven't provided much detail or demonstration, so we'll have to wait until we have it on hand to do some in-depth analysis. The front is 5 MP, and they say they have worked on the ability to capture light, focus and shoot faster and show better colors.

We can save 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB, depending on the model, but all of them can be expanded with microSD cards.

The finish could be leather and wood, thus betting on a more sophisticated style. Its price will be approximately $ 400.

Moto X Play

For more demanding, it has a 3630mAh battery, lasting two days, 42% more than the Galaxy S6, and with a charge of 15 minutes we can have it 8 hours more working.

It is somewhat smaller than the Style: 5.5 inches, with its 1080p on duty.

In the screenshot of the presentation we see several specifications, showing that it is very similar to the Style, although smaller in size and greater in general benefits (although the processor is only a Snapdragon 615 and only has 2 gigabytes of RAM).

Here is his presentation video:

The Moto X Play will be available in August, so it is better to stay tuned to if you are really interested in the bet.