Mozilla already has more than 1 million "Test Pilot" users

Mozilla already has more than 1 million “Test Pilot” users

Mozilla’s open platform for usability studies announces that they already have more than 1 million active Test Pilot users, many more than the 170,000 they had just 4 months ago.

The program Test Pilot It was launched in August 2009 as an Add-on for Firefox, so that users could help Mozilla understand how they use Firefox and do usability and behavior studies in the browser.

Privacy is very important to Mozilla and usage data is collected through pre-defined studies where participants can choose to submit their personal data. All Test Pilot studies are shared under a Creative Commons license, for the benefit of the Open Source community, as well as using this data to help with other research topics.

During the last year, Mozilla has published 12 studies, the most recent being based on the Firefox 4 Beta user interface.

This is how we understood how the user uses the interface elements through an interactive heat map, which has also allowed us to compare it with the usage patterns of the map created with version 3.6. These studies help us to improve our future Internet browsing experience every day and for this we thank all our Test Pilots.

You can get more information at, from where it is possible to be part of this community.