Mozilla launches Firefox 40 for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android

Mozilla has just made Firefox version 40 available to users for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, as well as for the Android mobile platform. Its desktop version highlights official support for Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft's desktop operating system, as well as a new additional layer of security that protects users from downloading malicious software.

Firefox highlights in its announcement that its new version has a new look for Windows 10 thanks to the reflective adjustments carried out to give it an aerodynamic touch, in which there are also somewhat larger elements, but above all, more space to view the websites themselves. Also, remember how to make Firefox the default browser again by publishing the necessary instructions it released at the end of last month.

In the security aspect, from this new version, measures are being taken to guarantee the safe experience in the use of the plugins, warning users themselves of those plugins that have not been certified by Mozilla. Keep in mind that in the next version, those plugins that have not been certified will be disabled, although it could still be disabled by about: config, and already in version 42, from its early stages, the installation of unsigned plugins will no longer be allowed. Mozilla is working with plug-in developers to help them meet the stated standards.

Also in terms of security, as we have indicated before, Mozilla adds a new security layer to prevent the installation of malicious software when browsing websites that may compromise the integrity of the equipment. To do this, expand your protection against the installation of malware by using the advances of Google's safe browsing service, in which to warn users when they access a potentially harmful website with a warning like this:

In addition, it gives the possibility to those users who wish to disable this function in order to avoid sending data to Google.

The new desktop version of Firefox can now be downloaded from its official website, the changes of which can be consulted in full through the version's change list.

Add on Firefox 40 for Android that, despite not being an update with notable news, at least for the user, if you can highlight the support for the Android Presentation API, greater protection for unwanted software downloads, the less use of JPEG images when scaled, among others, whose list of changes can be consulted through this website.