Mozilla will shut down its old sync service, encouraging users to migrate their accounts

Mozilla today appeals to users warning that as of September 30, its legacy sync service will stop working as a result of the adoption of its new sync service, which works through Firefox accounts. . This step is embedded within your user transition plan from the old sync service to the new one, announced earlier this year.

In this sense, they encourage users of the old service to upgrade to a Firefox account, pointing out advantages such as the simplified installation process, as well as the improvement in availability and reliability, with the addition of being able to recover data even in those cases in which users lose all their devices. Users of versions 37 onwards of Firefox are obtaining the migration process through a guide, facilitating said migration, while users of previous versions of Firefox will get a warning indicating the need for manual updating, as also warned at the beginning of the year.

Of course, Mozilla points out that users who have their own synchronization server or use the synchronization service of any organization not belonging to Mozilla, will not be affected by the migration plan.

As for the rest of the users, to solve those questions that may arise, from the announcement itself they offer a series of frequently asked questions to be able to solve them as much as possible.