Mozilla will take its VPN service out of beta as a standalone product

Mozilla will take its VPN service out of beta as a standalone product

The Mozilla Foundation has been working since the end of last year on its new VPN service, known until now as Firefox Private Network, to protect the privacy and security of users when they are connected to the Internet through their own devices, especially, now that people are online for longer due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

After several months in the testing phase, the company has just pointed out that your new VPN service will be out of beta phase in the coming weeks, although yes, it will still be available only in the United States, and for now it will also maintain its pricing model for a limited time, that is, with a monthly cost of about five dollars offering protection to a maximum of five simultaneous devices, between Windows, Android and iOS devices.

To reach a wider audience, the new VPN service will be renamed Firefox Private Network to be called only Mozilla VPN, becoming an independent product.

Unlike other VPN solutions, Mozilla notes that not track browsing activity or use any data analysis platform, guaranteeing total privacy and security for the users themselves.

And, today, there are those who are already suspicious of using free VPNs due to the possible commercialization of users’ browsing history when they connect to their respective services.

It should also be taken into account that the Mozilla Foundation has always been characterized by its commitment to respecting the privacy and security of users, offering protection mechanisms in its products, including its Firefox browser.

Mozilla hopes to bring its new VPN service to select markets this year. Users from outside the United States will have to wait for Mozilla VPN to arrive in their respective markets.

Mozilla will notify interested parties when Mozilla VPN is in their region and for their supported devices.