Mr. Shiftster, to manage employees from mobile devices

For all those companies, from the most modest to the largest with many workers spread across multiple production centers, Mr. Shiftster is a mobile platform focused on the efficient management of the entire workforce that each company has.

Available for Android and iOS, Mr. Shiftster is divided into two mobile applications: Mr. Shiftster Scheduling and Mr. Shiftster’s Employee Portal, each of them with a series of specific capacities.In the case of Mr. Shiftster Scheduling (Mr. Shiftster Scheduler), you will be able to see and carry out actions on the established shifts in an intuitive graphical way possible up to the scheduled events and projects, passing through the preferences and availability of employees, distribution of overtime, among other aspects.

And in the case of Mr. Shiftster’s Employee Portal (MyShiftster), the employees, will be able to know weekly the weekly schedules with the shifts that correspond to them, in addition to establishing their preferences on vacations, free days, shifts, as well as the possibility of taking advantage of overtime, etc.

For their part, the personnel managers will be able to make and publish the distributions of the employees' schedules, make shift changes, establish communications with other managers of the company and with the employees themselves, etc.

Mr.shiftster is self-rated as the best and easiest way to manage employees, where their mobile apps, which complement each other, are available in the respective app markets for free.