Multilaser presents speakers that float thanks to magnetism

Multilaser is a Brazilian company that started in the printer cartridges market in 1987. Today it has an important industrial council in the country, marketing from mobile phones to tablets, passing through a great variety of electronic products that it imports from other parts of the world. .

Now it has presented speakers that, as can be seen in the video below, levitate. This is the Speaker Float, presented at the Eletrolar Show in So Paulo, capable of flying when it is on its base, using electromagnetism and a motor that makes it spin.

It obtains the music by Bluetooth 4.1 and transmits it with a power of 10W, as we can read in Info. The battery guarantees a duration of six hours, both to play music and to keep the device floating.

This function is purely static, does not enhance the audio or have any special meaning, but there is no doubt that having a flying sphere emitting music is something little seen today …

It will be sold from August for an average of 120 dollars, and can also be found on AliExpress (the product is imported, made in China).

We leave you with the video showing how it works: