Mycroft – open source artificial intelligence solution

We are introduced Mycroft as an artificial intelligence solution that was born after analyzing the limits of the personal voice assistants, home robots and voice controls on the market.

Betting on open source, they want the community of programmers around the world to collaborate so that AI reaches both homes and companies, so that it is possible to use the voice to order things like:

Mycroft, see The Avengers United in the kitchen

Among its possibilities, the following stand out:

– Mycroft could send Netflix and YouTube video to Chromecast or Roku – Could play music – It would be possible to control the lights – It would manage the fixed thermostats – It would lock doors – It would turn on the coffee maker – It would show information on the Internet and read it aloud

The functionalities will depend on the projects that the community develops, and surely there will be web portals with many of them to install in our Mycroft.

The device has a Raspberry Pi 2 and a built-in Arduino microcontroller, and will retail for $ 129, although it is currently asking for kickstarter funding.

Regarding software, it can integrate several APIs, making it possible to communicate with existing platforms and develop a philosophy similar to that of IFTTT.

We leave you with the video presentation: