MyFav - minimalist and configurable home page

MyFav – minimalist and configurable home page

My favorite is an interesting option that allow us to create our custom home page, where we will have access to favorite services and websites through large icons. To add these icons that give us access to different websites, we have to start by choosing those services that we want to have accessible from our home page, being able to add new websites if they are not listed in the list of sites. We can customize our space by selecting a different template, the style of the icons, the background image, and configuring the preferences options. To make our page permanent, we can identify ourselves by choosing one of the supported services, thus creating our personal URL and thus being able to access later to change the configuration, such as adding new sites, removing them, altering order, changing the visual appearance, etc. . An important detail is that the same page can notify us of new messages in Gmail and new content in Google Reader, of course in this case we will have to give them access with our username and password, which at least I would not recommend. The best thing is that this option could be done through OAuth.