myFaveFood - social network for culinary themes

myFaveFood – social network for culinary themes

myFaveFood is a social network focused on culinary topics, which as is usually the norm, we are the users who will provide the necessary information and on which we will interact with the rest of the users. The most remarkable information that users can provide is regarding our food dishes from those restaurants that we have previously been to., with which we will indicate these dishes within the file of each restaurant, which if not available, we will create the file with the data that they ask us. About this information, The rest of the users will be able to mark if they agree or not with the favorite dishes that we publish from the restaurants, in addition to being able to leave your comments about the restaurants. myFaveFood also has a discussion forum and a directory of blogs related to gastronomic topics, which if we have related blogs, we can also register it in said directory. The negative part of this social network is its web interface, somewhat old-fashioned and unattractive for the times in which we live, since if the necessary measures are taken, it could become another reference in culinary issues. Goes: MoMB