MyGarden - social network for gardening enthusiasts

MyGarden – social network for gardening enthusiasts

Enthusiasts and professionals in the world of gardening also have their place in social networks with MyGarden. It is a social network where users will basically indicate the plants they have in their gardens and will receive personalized weekly tasks to carry out in said gardens. Users will begin by registering, being able to opt for the traditional registration or through their Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts, and once inside, they must indicate the plants that are part of their gardens, for which they have a search engine, a directory and an alphabetical index. In addition, users can select other users to follow, this being the second step to follow once they are already registered and completing their personal profiles. MyGarden has different functions, many of them for Pro accounts, although any user who registers will have direct access to the Pro option, which can be expanded over time if the social network really convinces them. It has photo galleries, a calendar of tasks to be carried out depending on the plants added, a wishlist, calls for events, and even a message system, which basically copies the usual structure on microblogging platforms, where you can share messages from states, where you can include photos and links, and that also allows it to be replicated on both Twitter and Facebook. Also, it allows private messages.