Myna Music - Smart Music Playlists Are Coming

Myna Music – Smart Music Playlists Are Coming

Myna music It is a project that is not yet available and about which we do not know much, but it has caught my attention so powerfully that I had to tell you about it. The idea behind this tool is automate and personalize our music searches to the extreme. And it is that to date the search engines have been based on tags to classify each song according to its: name, artist, genre, year of publication, record company and the like. The problem is that through this system it is very difficult to discover new topics that we really like, because metadata is not accurate enough like to describe things like emotions or textures (which is very frustrating for the melmanos). For this reason, Myna focuses its attention on analyze the music itself to recommend musically similar songs according to the type of rhythm, intensity or emotions it transmits. So, once we choose our favorite songs, the web will start looking for songs that may be our next favorites, based on a more human analysis of the music. The truth is that the project promises a lot, since from a few songs they assure that we could automatically get new songs to listen to for months. The downside is that, as I have already mentioned, it is not available right now, but it will be very interesting to see its API integrated into new music services. Can you imagine it? Goes | TheNextWeb