MyPaint 2.0: Open Source option ideal for drawing on a digitizer tablet

MyPaint 2.0: Open Source option ideal for drawing on a digitizer tablet

As far as the world of digitizing tablets is concerned, many of the users of these devices tend to resort to the use of digital painting tools such as PaintTool UPS or Corel Painter when giving life to your ideas.

However, there are open source alternatives available in case you do not want to opt for commercial tools.

One of them is MyPaint, Tool that evolves from version 1.3 to 2.0, presenting its users with a wide variety of options with which they will have the opportunity to adjust elements such as brushes, have an unlimited canvas and obtain support for base layers.

In addition to this, MyPaint 2.0 It has an option that, when used, will allow you to keep the entire graphic interface hidden so that you can fully focus on the work area where you are creating.

One of the most outstanding aspects in MyPaint 2.0 It is constituted by the default adoption of the drawing mode of the linear composition and the spectral blend, which, you can disable by activating the compatible mode, a state that you can also select if you only want to keep using normal layers.

With MyPaint 2.0 You will be able to have numerous new brush parameters, such as pigment, posterization, advanced blur and offset parameters, accompanied by new brush input attributes such as zoom level, base radius or angle of attack.

In addition to this, MyPaint 2.0 It includes an improvement in which the result of the shading is conditioned by the rotation of the canvas, along with others, applied in the fill tool, the new function of importing layers, posterization and pigment, additional spots adjustments, etc.

A free, cross-platform app, that's MyPaint 2.0, a software that you can acquire through the official GitHub page where you will find trial and stable versions available to be downloaded on the platforms of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Appimages and Flatpack packages with the option to add APT repositories for Ubuntu and Debian distributions)