MyTape, to record and share interesting moments in videos

Within the growing trend of using video as the main type of content on the Internet, we found the launch of MyTape, a new mobile application available for iOS that will allow users to make short video recordings from their mobile devices to share them with his friends and the rest of the world about those interesting moments they are living.

In this sense, the application is designed to go directly to the recording screen since it is started, where users only have to press the recording button and keep it pressed throughout it. Subsequently, they may add the corresponding location and their respective labels.

All recordings will be stored in the application cloud in an unlimited and free way, without limits or the number of video files that can be uploaded or space in the cloud. Obviously, users have the possibility to delete those recordings that they do not like.

Keep in mind that the same application enables recording even without the need for data, keeping the recordings pending upload when they have access to a data connection on their devices. During recording, users can also zoom in on the screen to zoom in on those points they want to highlight.

Other aspects of the application point to the possibility of viewing those recordings that other users have made about the same place where they are, tracking other users, commenting on their videos, and even knowing those videos and news that stand out around the world, among others.

MyTape is available in version 1.0 in the Apple App Store for iOS devices from version 7.0 onwards, available for free.