Narvoo - Social network for movie lovers

Narvoo – Social network for movie lovers

Narvoo is an interesting social network that allows us to fully monitor all the films we want, from new releases to the oldest films, we can also communicate with users who have the same interests or tastes as us.

Among the functions that Narvoo offers us, we find the possibility of quickly and efficiently carrying out searches, obtaining recommendations about movies, creating movie lists, sharing on social networks, integrating movies on a website …

To use the portal, we must register, said registration is simple and fast, but if we do not want to register we can use any Twitter or Facebook account to connect to the site, since they use the APIs of said social networks.

Once registered and connected, we can start browsing, searching and interacting with ease. If we enter the profile of a film, we observe that they offer us a description of the film and various tools to add it to a list, share it or even comment on it to start a conversation or opinion.

In addition, if we like the film we can evaluate it by means of stars that go from 1 to 10, where there is also a global evaluation of the users, in this way we can guide ourselves if this film is good or not.

On the other hand, if what we want is to add a movie to our website, we can do it through the administration panel of our account that is at the top of the portal, from Settings. Once we access the section, we must move through Embed Movies, once inside we observe that there are several text boxes with their respective codes, which we will copy to use on our website.

In conclusion, we find that it is a very interesting social network and that it is undoubtedly quite attractive since we will be able to know which users like the same movies as us and thus meet new friends with whom to comment on the world of cinema.