Mars Trek

NASA launches Mars Trek, a complete interactive map to explore the surface of Mars

In the last hours, NASA has announced through its official Twitter account the launch of Mars Trek, an interactive map of the surface of Mars with which to explore the planet in a similar way as Google Earth allows us to explore Earth.

NASA has been able to give life to this tool thanks to the enormous amount of images collected during its various missions on Mars. As we said, the operation of Mars Trek is similar to that of Google Earth, so at all times You can zoom anywhere on the map for a higher level of detail, as well as click on any of the featured locations for more information. In addition, it is possible to choose both a 2D and 3D viewing mode, as well as to switch between three different available views: North Pole, Global Pole and South Pole. Another feature that catches the attention of Mars Trek is the enormous amount of tools available (accessible from the right side panel), thanks to which we can learn all kinds of additional information, such as calculating the distance between two points and the elevation of the layout. Finally, Mars Trek also has a utility that will be of interest to those users who have a 3D printer: it is possible to download the STL files from different places to print them in 3D. As soon as you start using Mars Trek, the tool receives us with a complete tutorial, although, like the other information available on this interactive map, it is in English.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool to know all kinds of information and curiosities about Mars. You can access Mars Trek through any current computer or mobile device.

Link: Mars Trek | Source: NASA (Twitter).