native clipboard

Native Clip Board, a rich clipboard for Android with multiple copying and a floating panel

Native Clip Board is a useful application for Android that allows you to add more functionality to the usual clipboard, enriching it even with a floating panel where it is possible to copy multiple text clips at the same time, edit them and paste them in other locations.

After installing the app you just have to go to the section of Accessibility inside the Android settings panel to activate it. With this, you will be able to dispose of what is collected on the clipboard and display it on the screen, particularly since the floating panel can be opened by selecting a word or a phrase and double-clicking on that selection.

Not in all apps float by some limitations, for example, if the double tap is reserved for another action, but in Gmail and other tools where text is essential, it will not be a problem. But that is the least because in any case the app can always be opened separately to give it full use.

Anyway, all you have to do is copy, copy and copy as much as you like, and all the copied clips will go to the Native Clip Board panel where each clip will appear inside a colorful card. By clicking on any of the cards, they will open to see them in full size (eg, if the copied text is very long) as well as for subsequent editing (optional).

The rest is to manage the copied clips from your colorful cards including deleting them just by sliding your cards, marking (pinnate) the most important specific cards or clips, and copy and paste to any other space required.

Regarding configurations, Native Clip Board will make it possible to change the default colors of the cards, limit the number of text clips to save in the history and define the organization rule of the clips, among other things.

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