nef - Well-being in Europe indicated with maps

nef – Well-being in Europe indicated with maps

Nef is an NGO that, founded in 1986, when, of course, the website did not yet exist, it shows more humane data on the well-being of certain European countries. Although on the web they invest hundreds of lines to explain the concept of wellness, its use is quite simple. We only have to indicate on the map the feeling that we want to show on the side map, with the possibility of comparing two regions and analyzing specific problems that may occur in a specific country.

NEF was created by the leaders of The Other Economic Summit, which seeks new ways to measure social and economic well-being by addressing the economy. as if the planet and people are important.

According to NEF, we are used to comparing countries in terms of gross wealth. Other times, it is compared for its reputation in music, sports, as tourist destinations, etc. NEF proposes to measure something much more basic, and classify the success or failure of countries based on how they are able to guarantee a dignified life to their citizens, while respecting the limits of environmental resources. HPI is an innovative measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which well-being is achieved.

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