Netflix adds "background previews" within its TV apps

Netflix apps for smart TVs, globally, have started to get an update that adds to the preview of each series and films a small fragment of video playing in the background.

Of course, the video fragment is obtained from the selected series or film, so, along with the descriptive content that will accompany each title to facilitate confirmation that it is an interest-generating choice, a more immersive and cinematographic experience will be presented in the background according to what was sought when pointing the remote control at the television.

Anyway, a GIF shows how this new feature works which greatly enriches the current interface:

They comment on Netflix that this is an important novelty that in their analyzes has provided good results because it increases the probability that users will find something good to see. In addition, they point out that it is the greatest improvement since the new design that has been present since 2013.

Once again, this new style of selection will appear in the next few days and globally in selected devices – it is expected at least in the SmarTV references of the five manufacturers promoted on its website. Incidentally, such a novelty goes hand in hand with the recent renewal of the web service.

More information: Official Netflix blog