Netvibes: The reason for its new "idle" or "sleep" mode

Netvibes: The reason for its new “idle” or “sleep” mode

Netvibes has launched the sleep mode in its interface and is sincere about the reasons that have led to it, through a publication on its corporate blog and signed by Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes. For those who do not know Netvibes, it is a platform that allows the creation of a unique and personalized profile for each user, in which, through gadgets and other applications, they can build a custom interface. The real-time web is a balancing actWe all remember the beginnings of Twitter, a social network in real time that had multiple drops and connectivity failures, since speed and costs are variables linked and directly proportional; not only in economic and server terms, but also in reputation; associated with quality of service Until not long ago, websites only had to have one page per view; instead, today and with real-time updates and services, they mean having the ability to update hundreds or thousands of page views. Netvibes updates all the content of its users in real time, in such a way that the informative cascade is permanent and endless, especially in real-time web services such as Twitter and Facebook among others – in addition to 1,000,000 newsfeeds that are updated from All this is continuously transformed into a volume of close to 10 million updates, every day, which generates a huge consumption of resources, which can be optimized.

Netvibes idle or idle mode

The purpose of this new functionality is to optimize the user experience, while at the same time seeking optimization and resource efficiency, creating a transparent functionality, known to users, but that works invisibly and disconnects the user. network after a period of downtime, freeing up bandwidth, servers, and other resources, reducing overall system load.

Connection speed: Lower loads translate into greater speed and stability of the platform for users who are active, By launching the idle or idle mode in Netvibes on accounts that are inactive for more than 20 minutes, the company estimates that you can save up to 2/3 of the capacity of your servers.Energy efficiency: Lower server load has a direct impact on lower electricity consumption and, therefore, resources and emissions.Money: The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe company is to maintain Netvibes as a platform of free access to users and continue with its income scheme provided by its promotional platform, Business Dashboard Intelligence Products, thus reducing costs in resources and energy aims to this objective and incidentally, improves the experience of its users in terms of speed and stability of the platform.

In order not to generate annoyances, such as those caused during the first days of operation, in which after 20 minutes of inactivity, Netvibes disconnected, the user having to click to connect again, he made the company work on improving said scheme, which was achieved by allowing reconnection with the application only with the movement of the mouse, but also, the application allows updating of contents even in idle mode. Now, that is for users who do not mind disconnection when they are not active, but there is an important segment, especially Internet professionals, for whom permanent connection is part of their activity, as well as data analysis in real time, so the company has implemented the NetvibesVIP service, a scheme that, in addition to invalidating the disconnection, provides support for its projects and all this for a price of $ 29.90 per year. Freddy Mini ends by explaining that this decision to set a fee to be able to disconnect the idle mode of Netvbibes does not seek to force the fact that people pay to be on the platform, but rather it is understood as a new strategy that seeks economy, efficiency and optimization of technical, economic and energy resources and, in addition, allows to satisfy the needs and improve the experience of all its users.