Lo que aparece al buscar por "download Ubuntu"

New cards within Google with links to downloads

They give notice in Google Operating System of some new information cards that have started to show up when searching on Google, at least in their English version, after usual queries such as download skype, download chrome, install itunes, get ubuntu, etc. They are cards like those that highlight biographical data of historical characters or present results of measurement conversions, but this time, they are displayed to facilitate the download of desktop programs.

What appears when searching for download Ubuntu

The cards link to download sites directly, an important help for those looking to download certain software and find themselves immersed in a sea of ​​links with similar titles Many of them are only so that such software is not downloaded from official sites but from third-party pages that, with special installers, search for malware and other malicious software on users' computers.

Unfortunately, although in the majority of cases the respective official site of the author of each application has begun to be indexed, they stand out in Google Operating System that there are cases such as Audacity, a popular audio editing software, in which when consulting for its download, another widely recognized but equally unofficial software download site, SourceForge, is shown as a prominent link within the information card.

The link to SourceForge appears before the official one, the Audacity website

The problem in this last case is that, although it is quite likely that the program can be downloaded and installed without ads, viruses or extra content, such simple problems as the discrepancy between the official signature and the alternative download site, could cause such annoying attachments to be solved. finally include in the installation process.

In short, it remains to be seen how its possible implementation in other regions developed, in addition to analyzing whether there will be affectations for websites that are dedicated to research and guide on installations but do not resort to installers but to reviews basic with the respective link to the official page.