Redes Sociales

New free online course in Spanish on Social Media strategies

Austral University prepared an online course designed for communicators and marketing professionals who want to enhance their strategy on social networks.

The Social Media Strategies MOOC lasts for 4 weeks, and begins on February 20. Each of the modules will give us a tour of the history, characteristics and functions of the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

For example, when analyzing Facebook, we will see how to create a company page, how to promote a publication, engagement, among other topics. On Twitter we will learn some tips to keep in mind for content strategy, how to register an ad, statistics, etc.

On Instagram we will focus on the objectives of our strategy, and on LinkedIn we will see the importance of optimizing the profile / page, as well as the different formats of ads and statistics.

The course is developed on the Coursera platform, so it must be taken into account that if we want to take the course for free, we have to choose the option of Audit only or Course without certificate.

Although we will not be able to pursue a certification, we will be able to benefit from all the content that is shared in the course program. More options for university courses, online and free in Spanish at