New integration of allows you to set tasks and receive reminders on WhatsApp

New integration of allows you to set tasks and receive reminders on WhatsApp is a well-known task management platform that is now approaching WhatsApp for its new service that will allow users to set tasks and receive reminders through the same messaging application.

For this, users must be users premium, although those interested can try this integration for free, as long as they are also users, for which they can log in with their accounts on Facebook or Google, or use their email addresses to create their user account. approaches WhatsApp to bring reminders of pending tasks

The integration allows users to set up tasks either by sending a message directly to or by forwarding a message from any other contact. ask them at the moment they wish to receive the reminders, being able to respond using natural language, which must be recognized by the platform itself. When the time comes, will bring the established reminders through chat messages.

Note that the tasks established in WhatsApp will also be synchronized in the users' own accounts, so they will have them available through the official applications of this task platform.

It is an interesting integration taking into account that WhatsApp does not have official support for bots, as its technological brother Facebook Messenger does, although there are ways to use bots within WhatsApp, as is the case we are commenting on.

And is that does not overlook that WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, being a quite popular messaging application with which users usually spend more time to be in contact with family, friends, coworkers, among other people.

Instructions are available on's own support page.