cdigo QR

New option to create a QR code, without ads and with elegance

There are many applications and websites that allow you to create a QR code from a url, but today we have known the cleanest and easiest to use:

It is a website that does not need registration. We just have to inform the url of our website and see the code generated at the bottom, with the option to customize some graphic details to make it more attractive.

Until now I was a user of, but lately it was giving enough problems when I wanted to put a logo in the center, for example. does not yet allow customization up to this point, but you can remove margins, adjust colors, add background, remove or add text and share the result with a single click.

It is true that there are so many existing options that it is difficult to find the perfect one, but this one aims to become one, mainly because thousands of advertising banners do not appear among the application, something very common in the category.

Hopefully, yes, they quickly find a workable business model, something like charging for specific customizations, or creating a web storage space so they can download files when someone scans the code. What really does not work is to put a banner near the download button so that the user gets the wrong button, since Google is increasingly strict with the issue of invalid clicks and we already know that at the end of the month there may be a major blow to who abuses these techniques.