New Snapchat saves more data

One of the problems of Snapchat is that it automatically downloads content from wherever we are: the content of our friends, the Discover section, the live news … this makes the app consume more data than desired, which is why this new version is received with joy: they have included the travel mode.

For both iOS and Android, it is now possible to indicate that data should not be downloaded automatically, so the Discover section will be stopped until further notice.

We also have new features for the most creative, including the possibility, with the new Sticker Picker function, to add unlimited emojis throughout the post, without limiting yourself to one line of text.

We will also be able to export the custom Snapcodes as video files, with the option of exporting the result to other networks, something that can help to further disseminate the application, since on other networks they will know that we are Snapchat users.

When it comes to statistics, we have an eye cone located next to our Story to find out who saw it, helping to remove a step to get this information.

All these updates are already available on the new Snapchat they have released today, both on Google Play and on iTunes.