eventos populares twitter

New Twitter Ads tool to target campaigns on popular events

People often attend popular recurring events and talk too much about them on social media, then the power is not unreasonable use such events as a filter to create campaigns focused on the groups of people who are interested in their development. This is what the Event targeting, a new Twitter tool for advertisers globally.

Presidential elections, mother's day, the Tour de France and other renowned sporting events These are some of the events that make you think about how practical it can be to reach your specific public learning from their interactions and recording the results while each event takes place.

Anyway, the Event targeting It includes three main steps or components:

  1. Event calendar, to find out and keep on the calendar the specific dates of popular TV events, politics, parties, concerts, etc., held in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Japan.
  2. Event insights, to know the behaviors of the people reached by such events in past years, for example, to review the demographic statistics and device use. Better yet, there are the tweets that most people moved in addition to the estimated number of posts related to the event.
  3. Event activation, with just a click, apply what has been obtained from previous investigations in new campaigns aimed at groups interested in particular events. Of course, campaigns can be enriched with the usual filters for language, location, device, etc.

The feature had already been in a trial version for some brands whose success stories were mentioned in the official Twitter blog, a site where it was also reported that the Event targeting You should start appearing around the world within the Twitter bulletin board (ads.twitter.com).