New version of Fliis, the music search engine on the web

New version of Fliis, the music search engine on the web

Javier Guilln presents me with the new version of, a music search engine that I told you about more than a year ago and that now comes with quite a few new features:

– The search system is now INSTANT, similar to google instant but applied to fliis.

– When playing a track, it shows you other related music tracks.

– When the title of the video is clear, that is, artist + song, you should stomatically detect the artist, and show information about the group or artist, and show their upcoming concerts or events. In addition, he will offer you to continuously reproduce his complete discography. And it stomatically generates a radio in which you can continuously listen to more than two hours of music similar to the one you are playing.

– It allows you to find groups or artists according to musical style, rock, pop, electronic, classical etc … and reproduce the complete discography of the chosen artist.

– It allows you to see on a google map what people around the world are listening to on fliis, thus allowing you to discover new music.

– Playlist, allows you to listen and share the lists of other users.

– If you register you can create and share all the playlists you want.

– Fliis is now more social to make it easy to share a video, a discography or a radio easily on Facebook, Twitter and tuenti among others.

As you can see, a good way to end the week, with music and radios with our favorite styles.