vlc windows 10

New version of VLC media player for Windows 10

Good news for the millions of users of the VLC media player, including those who take advantage of the appespecial designed for Windows 8 and available since 2014: This application has been renewed both in technical characteristics and in appearance to look better in Windows 10. By True, its name will no longer be VLC for Windows 8 but VLC for Windows Store; the old name still appears in the store but is replaced when installed.

Some of those responsible say that since May an update was not implemented in the app, so the change was just. For example, the new VLC uses the same video plugin (Direct3D) occupied by the rich and classic desktop version, uses a library called TagLib to provide new meta tag recognition functionality in music and video files, and now has better subtitle support (SSA).

That in the technical part because the interface presents a brilliant facelift to supply, among other things, the elimination of Windows Media Center and the default DVD support of the latest Windows. Anyway, after the automatic identification of the multimedia content hosted on the computer –stand out in gHacks that you can now manage the folders to search in-, the main page will now display the user's favorite items in addition to music recommendations.

New VLC Mini Player

A view of artists in the music library, faster performance on lower performance devices, better animations and sliders, a button to quickly add elements to the current playlist, a mini-player with visual content of what is playing, automatic saving of the point where a video has been stopped to resume later,a new search engine and more configuration options they are included in this version referenced as VLC 1.5.

Link: VLC in the Windows Store | More information: Development data