New ways to access user suggestions to follow on Google+

New ways to access user suggestions to follow on Google+

With the surprise appearance of Google+ a few weeks ago, surpassing the figure of 20 million registered users during these days, it has changed the landscape of social networks and even in the near future, change the marketing strategies of companies when they are may have their own specific profiles. But focusing on users, one of the advantages that Google+ has is being able to categorize them through circles, establishing greater control of who to follow and how and when to follow, something that both Facebook and Twitter currently suffer, although both allow us to establish lists, they will not reach the level of functionality of Google + Each circle can contain a maximum of 5000 people, and although we receive follow-up suggestions from Google+, we will not be able to access the specific circles of other users nor do we have the option to meet new users to follow, so that we can have something complicated to add users related to our interests. But that is no longer a problem with applications that are already starting to come out, such as Share This Circle or RecommendedUsers:

Share This Circle

This application, Share This Circle, allows users to share user circles through categories, allowing other users to rate and comment on them. The way to share user circles is through a URL that accesses a public Google+ post or a blog post, as happens for example with Mashable staff, where the names of the users of a specific circle appear, and they can be of photography, of art, of politics or of what is inserted.

Recommended Users

Recommended Users is a website, owned by Alireza Yavari, in which she has created a series of pre-defined circles, where users can search by categories and add those users who most attract our attention. For example, if we like photography, we go to its category and add to our circles those users that we are interested in following. Apart from these web services, articles are already circulating, like this one, suggesting the follow-up of a series of users, and who knows if users finally transfer the tradition of Follow Friday from Twitter to Google+. Goes: RWW