Newsblur, an online feed aggregator to consider

Newsblur, an online feed aggregator to consider

When it comes to accessing, managing and reading our information sources through an online aggregator, Google Reader is the absolute leader, and that in the beginning, the most used service was Bloglines, now almost forgotten by many users. But there are also other options such as Fast Ladder, Feeds 2.0 or Newsblur, service which I am going to comment on right now.

It is an online feed aggregator with some differences that we will still find useful. Among them we have to the visualization of the contents of the different RSS channels will be shown by default through their original web pages, although we can change the display mode to feed mode, where we will show the contents of the RSS channel selected in the sidebar, and to story mode, where we will see only the content of the selected post in the bottom bar located in the main area, where We will visualize the titles of the posts and where we will select them.

These two viewing modes are the ones we are used to seeing in other aggregators such as Google Reader, where the content format is those of the service, although in these modes we cannot view the videos that are included in the posts.

And another interesting option is the intelligent filtering of posts according to the previous training that we do, so that we can choose to filter the content by content similar to what we previously liked, according to a series of factors that we determine for each post in the options that will appear on the screen. In this way, we have three types of filters that we will select by means of a slider that we have at the bottom of the sidebar, where we will also access the configuration options.

Of course, during the tests, and surely due to the number of feeds that I exported from Google Reader, the import has been quite slow, and that my feeds do not reach 100. Also, we can add new RSS feeds and new directories where to include them .

For the rest, it is a service that I liked and that I would like it to be maintained over time, and we can always be in contact with its creator, Samuel Clay, through his account on Twitter and through his email.

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