Niantic Labs, Google's Augmented Reality company, separates from the company

If we talk about Niantic LabsIt may not sound like anything to you, but surely you have heard of the game Ingress, already installed 12 million times, the game that allows several people to play in the same city discovering places using Augmented Reality on their mobile phones. Events have been held in many cities on the planet spreading this game, created in 2012, although the iOs version only came in 2014.

The case is that the company responsible for this project, which also has other wonders in its portfolio (such as the game Ancient Truth, or Endgame), has communicated via Google Plus that it will separate from Google to be an independent entity, although they indicate that they will continue working with Google as an associate.

At the moment we do not know how this decision affects the projects with which it is working (we imagine that the planned dates will continue to be maintained) or whether there will be any relationship with Alphabet, the group of companies that includes Google.

We can see, yes, that they are looking for new talents on their home page,, so if you like this world of AR, do not miss the opportunity.

And if you still don't know very clearly what can be done with Augmented Reality, here is the video in which we explain everything in detail: