Nintendo TVii

Nintendo announces the closure of Nintendo TVii

Probably many of you do not remember TVii, the Nintendo service with which the Japanese video game company intends to revolutionize the way we interact with television. Apparently, TVii has not had the expected success, since The company has just announced the closure of the service, which will take place on August 11.

If we look back, Nintendo launched TVii at the end of last year 2012 and its use was completely free for owners of a Wii U. Focusing on the operation of the service, Nintendo TVii allows interaction with television using the GamePad with Wii U screen. In this way, it is possible to consult the channel guide (generated by entering a postal code) to search for programs and movies from the remote and even use it to change the television channel. In addition to this, TVii has other interesting features, such as possibility to comment on television programming, access additional information about programming and even share reactions on Twitter.

Despite everything, as Nintendo has reported on the Miiverse official website, TVii will close on August 11. In turn, the Nintendo TVii Miiverse community will also be closed.

Source: Miiverse