No more forgetting where you have parked: Google Maps reminds you

No more forgetting where you have parked: Google Maps reminds you

No more forgetting where you have parked: Google Maps reminds you

Google Maps for iOS Save where you have parked and help you find your car.

The Google map service continues to expand its functions to become a more than essential application (if it is not already). A few days ago we saw how they incorporated the function of the timeline or timeline to the iOS application to remind us of all the places we have visited and now also allow us to save our parking.

This option to set a location as a car park had been testing in Beta Maps but is now available to everyone on Android iOS.

How to save the place where you have parked in iOS with Maps


On some occasion it has happened to all of us, we do not remember where we have left the car or the motorcycle, either because we do not know the area, or we have not been attentive to the environment to have any reference.

Now, when we reach our destination, Google Maps allows us to set that location as the parking place and therefore be marked on the maca with a Blue p, easily identifiable.

To store the parking in Google Maps for iOS, we just have to tap on our location on the map and a lower menu will appear in which we see the option to Set location as parking. This location will be automatically saved for 24 hours (or until we delete it manually).

By clicking on the point, we can navigate to that location, see the place thanks to Street View or share the parking lot (for example to indicate to other friends or family where we have left the car). In the case of Android you can also add notes and duration of the parking meter, options that unfortunately we do not find in iOS at the moment.

How to save parking in Google Maps for Android

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All the details of your parking on Google Maps

Finally, this is combined in iOS with the automatic parking marking function that detects when we have disconnected the iPhone from the Bluetooth of the car to add automatically the parking location.

The option is already available to everyone in your Google Maps application.