No, pirated Windows are not updating to Windows 10 enabled

Several months ago we saw how Microsoft said that pirated copies of Windows could be updated to legal versions of Windows 10 for free, something that soon afterwards considered as a misunderstanding, indicating that it would not be true, that the updated pirated copy would never be activated.

The information has never been 100% clear, so today, on the official launch of Windows 10, there are many users who, with pirated copies, have tried the update to see what happens.

The surprise is that, according to some users in reddit, an activated copy of Windows 10 appears, and they show screenshots showing them. Of course, there is no way to know if those captures are real or not, so, once again, some media have contacted Microsoft to see if the issue is clarified.

Outcome: No, from Microsoft they report that it is not true, and if it happens in any situation, it will be deactivated as soon as it is detected that it is not a valid serial number.

In case you have not yet received the update notification from your Windows, remember that you can do it without problem from this link, downloading the Microsoft tool so that the update is done without losing any applications or files.